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Pearl At Longshore Restaurant & Bar
260 Compo Road South
Westport, CT 06880
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Gallery @ Pearl Jen Williams

Pearl At Longshore Restaurant & Bar
3/15/18 - 5/7/18


OPENING NIGHT 3/15 5:00 to 7:00 pm. ​

My fascination with wild flora and fauna began in childhood in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in Australia. With the spring flowers came wonderful surprises in the form of change, color, light and astonishing new growth. Many years of travel, study and working abroad have further enriched my appreciation for new flora, wildflowers and their curious possibilities.

  In addition to art and nature, I am also passionate about movement and the physiology of the human body. For years I have taught movement to people as a strategy for rehabilitation and find myself expressing movement through gesture, form and fluidity in my paintings. I regard my subject matter - flowers and trees - as beautiful figures dancing expressively. I envision the fresh, wild scents, the humming rhythm of the forests, the vibrant colors of young sprouts set against the diversity of vast, lush vegetation. I paint to express the freedom, excitement and surprise of new growth.

I paint with oils and watercolors; and I work on paper, canvas, and metal. I use transparent paints to texture, shape, and explore form. I often begin by applying an acrylic base with my hands, then I use large brushes to layer translucent oil paint. Then I work on glazing and detailing with my brush. When I want to amplify the thick density of plant material I work on paper or canvas, as those surfaces absorb the liquid paint to provide areas of deep recesses. Brushed silver aluminum is the perfect substrate to convey luminosity and reflection. Since paint adheres to the surface of the metal, unpredictable, mysterious shapes emerge, lyrical patterns develop, and glimmering lighting effects are amplified.   My paintings often begin with an intention, but evolve into abstract expressions as I let the paint and my response play out within the composition. My finished pieces are like a dance: wildflowers rhythmically dot the scene like notes on a musical staff, patterns and gestures communicate the sway of movement, and energy and soul are expressed as myriad plants struggle and thrive in equal measure as they reach towards the sunlit sky.

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